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You may be following the debate between glass vs. plastic baby bottles. Here is a good recap from WebMD:
Plastic baby bottles are lightweight, strong, and unbreakable. However, concerns have arisen about the polycarbonate type of plastic bottles because they contain a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). Bisphenol A is also used in everything from compact discs to the lining of cans, as well as other consumer products. A 2007 report by the organization Environment California showed that when heated, five popular brands of BPA-containing plastic baby bottles leached high levels of bisphenol A.In studies of lab rats, low levels of BPA were linked to changes in the brain and reproductive system that researchers say may contribute to an increased risk of prostate and breast cancers, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, and early puberty.

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After these reports released, many parents made the switch to glass bottles. The big drawback for me is the shatter factor. Our kitchen can get pretty chaotic, especially around mealtime. So I was keen to find bottles that offered the healthy benefits and safety. That's what led me to a site called

They sent me a Pea Pod Bottle cover and a Sweat Pea glass bottle. The cover is made of neoprene and is easy to grip. The cover helps protect the bottle from breakage--imagine the mess of a glass bottle connecting with a marble floor. Plus the cover helps insulate the milk. The cover is designed to fit the Sweet Pea Bottle, but will also fit Evenflo, Born Free, Thermobaby and Thinkbaby. $6.99 for the cover $8.99 for the bottle. Bottles and covers come in two sizes.

Enjoy big savings on the Sweet Pea baby bottles and Pea Pod covers. Momtrends reviewed the Glass Baby Bottle site a few weeks ago. Response was so strong the great folks at GBB have set up a coupon code.

Save 20% off bottles and covers from now until July 1, 2009. Just enter the coupon code SWEETPEA20 during checkout. The discount applies to Sweet Pea baby bottles and Pea Pod covers only.

If you want to get more details on toxins in our environment check out The Glass Baby Bottle's blog called Toxilogic. Cheers! (Read here to find out more on Minnesota's ban on BPA).

For more information on glass bottles visit these sites:

PeaPod Baby
Born Free

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