The Omlet Eglu A Deluxe Chicken Coop


Friday is food day at Momtrends and I had to share this cool find: a contemporary Chicken coop. A British company called Omlet has designed a home called the Eglu. And guess what! It comes with chickens. I read about this trend in the New Yorker. Apparently keeping chickens as pets is becoming trendy.

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Here's how it works, pick your Eglu color (pink for me please) . Then pick the type of chicken you want. The chickens are vaccinated and ship with the coop. You'll also get a wired "run," feeder, drinker, run shade, 10 Omlet egg boxes, Chicken Guide and 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all products! My total was $871 when I ordered--that was with four chickens.

No, I didn't place the order (I'm sure our landlord would have some issues) but
I think this is an incredible development. Families will learn aboutthe food chain, get an awesome pet and fresh eggs.

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