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Although I work primarily from home, our team does gather together for meetings at least every month and you can bet that there is always a coffee break or two worked into our epic strategy sessions. In fact, I find myself stopping for coffee breaks when I'm at home too. And I'm often enjoying a cup when I catch up with my co-workers over the phone. Coffee breaks have become such an integral part of the American workforce sub-culture don't you think? Here are some interesting facts about them from Keurig...

  • For many office workers (89%), a good cup of coffee can make their entire workday better. Without their daily cup of coffee, coffee drinkers can feel a range of negative emotions— exhausted (36%), irritable (35%), unproductive (30%), disorganized (20%), or forgetful (14%). Below, please find additional statics from the Coffee Break Survey.
  • The majority (85%) also say having coffee with a client or colleague can be a great way to build relationships.
  • And while the majority of coffee drinkers (84%) agree having good coffee in the office is an important perk, over half (52%) wish their company would get better quality coffee for their office.
  • According to those surveyed, a coffee break can bring individuals together— 1 in 5 office workers say their colleagues do their best brainstorming or collaborating around the office coffee machine.
  • Additionally, office workers say they like to visit the office coffee machine to catch up with co-workers (37%); interact with their boss in a more casual way (16%); brainstorm or collaborate with others on a project (13%); or spark their own creativity (9%).

I don't know about you lovelies, but taking a few minutes to decompress and enjoy a nice cuppa Joe definitely makes my work day better! I even like to get outside and revel in being outdoors for a bit while I'm on said break. Here are some tips from career expert Nicole Williams on making the most of your coffee break...

1. Build Your Network: Take a break from attending your networking event tonight and learn to network within your office. According to the Keurig survey, 64% of office workers typically drink a cup of coffee every day. Chances are you can find more than half of your office getting their daily caffeine fix.

2. Take An Educated Break: Don’t show up empty handed (or headed) to the break room. Nearly 20% of coffee drinkers think the best collaboration comes from brainstorming around the coffee machine.

3. Make Time to Reconnect: 85% of coffee drinkers believe having a coffee with a client or colleague is a perfect way to help build a relationship. This meeting will not only re-energize you it will also re-energize your relationship.


So, are coffee breaks an integral part of your day lovelies? What's your favorite way to enjoy a cup? I'm a sucker for popping a hazelnut flavored coffee pod into my Keurig 2.0! Just sayin'.

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