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Stokke meets the needs of my family. For us, meals are a chance to connect, share our love of cooking, teach about manners, and SLOW DOWN. Bringing the kids in on the fun is essential and that's what the Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair is all about.

Invented in Norway in 1972, this chair is a staple in the modern home. We got our first chair as a hand-me-down four years ago. It looks brand new. Why? These chairs are made to last using Beachwood and solid engineering. About a month ago, my little one started climbing into my older daughter's chair and screaming when we tried to put her back in her tiny Eddie Bauer travel high chair. Uh oh. Time for Tripp Trapp #2.

Stokke shipped out a new model for me to review. First, let me say they are one green company. They flat pack to cut out packaging waste. The novice parent may be freaked out at the idea of assembling the chair, but it doable. You'll need an allen wrench and a helper.

After about 20 minutes we were good to go. Note: Before you tighten everything, be sure to check the height--the child should be able to sit with flat feet. Once you've got the height right tighten away. No worries about outgrowing this seat--it'll hold 300 pounds.

My little one was so excited to have her own chair. Now we all sit at the table together for meals--a good discipline for this busy urban mommy. Sure, it would be neater to keep the tray/highchair combo and rinse the tray--but my toddler wouldn't be at the table. So we'll take the added mess to get to see her tackle her pasta up close and personal.

A word about clean up: Even though there is no tray to pop off, you can use the Stokke Table Top($89.99) as a place mat/serving tray. It is a good way to keep baby entertained while at the table. The chair itself is easy to wipe down (I love that there are no crevices for crumbs and grime to hide). To jazz up the seat look for such as Baby Sets, High Chair Cushions, and more.

I know Stokke has lots of imitators now--wooden adjustable seats are all the rage. But this brand is the original. I know if/when we are ever willing to give up these seats, there will be an eager mom ready to take them. Think of it as the Eames chair for the preschool set. And it's worth every penny of the $250 price tag.

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