Sillycone Kitchen Tools


I'm game for anything that will make meal prep easier and more fun. Sillycone is a line of colorful FDA-approved silicone baking and cooking products. I found them at a recent kids show and brought some samples home. We've loved freezing things in the Alphabet Letter Tray Set (we make our own version of icy pop using fruit juice and these trays). The frozen letters are fun to toss into beverages. Buy set on Amazon $14.95.

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The Silicone Number Tray would be fun for party snacks (you could mold chocolate "6s" to celebrate a b-day). The molds are flexible and non-stick and dishwasher safe. We've had a lot of fun playing with them. While we use them mostly with the freezer, you can bake with them too!

For more ideas that don't involve food, visit Sillycone's Recipe page here for instructions on how to make crayons, soap and more. All great rainy-day activities.

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