Seasonal Beer Crush: Oktoberfest


I just love the changing of the seasons because with each new season comes new seasonal beer. I'm a shandy kinda girl in the summertime, for instance, and in the fall, it's all about the Oktoberfest. Now I've been known to indulge in a pumpkin beer or two, but my favorite type of fall beer is most definitely Oktoberfest. One that's readily accessible and perfectly delicious is Samuel Adams Octoberfest. While by no means a light beer, the sweet flavor makes it very drinkable even if you aren't a hard core beer enthusiast like myself. It's not particularly hoppy, so that bitter taste that can be too much for some doesn't really make an appearance.


And if you're interested in trying out some more seasonal brews and happen to be in the Tampa Bay area, I highly suggest you check out Cigar City Brewing. Their Oktoberfest is hands down my favorite as is their Cubana Espresso Brown Ale. To tell the truth, I would probably choose a nutty brown over pretty much any other brew, but I digress. If there is a local brewery in your area, there's a good bet that they tackled Oktoberfest this season. So, why not go give it a taste? And if there isn't a craft brewery in your neck of the woods, grab some Samuel Adams Oktoberfest and toast the season!


In case you missed it, The Shopping Mama put together the cutest Oktoberfest party! It's a perfect excuse to get together with some friends and celebrate fall, don't you think?!? I know I'm certainly tempted to throw one. Of course, it's not very hard to sell me on a beer focused soiree. Just sayin'! I mean pretzels and beer...It doesn't get much better than that in this gilr's book!

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