Safe Sizer Plate Review

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Let's say you are trying a new babysitter or leaving the kids alone with grandma for the first time. Giving all the safety instructions can be a hassle and a nag. The Safe Sizer plate makes one hazard--choking-- a lot less stressful.

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The 100% melamine plate has a small round circle. The 1/2" circle is raised. A perfect non-chokeable bite fits inside. If the bite is bigger than the circle, it is too biog for baby. No pestering or hovering over a newbie feeding the baby. The plates are dishwasher safe (no microwave) and tested for lead and phthalates.

While I wish the company offered some modern sophisticated options (right now it is monkeys, fish or astronauts), I applaud the idea. Anything that takes a set of instructions off my "plate" (couldn't resist the pun) works for me. Buy Safe Sizer Choking Prevention Plates on Amazon $5.97 each.

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