Revolution Food Review


There's a revolution going on in the school lunch room. If you haven't already noticed, more and more lunch rooms are packed with recycling bins, reusable containers and organic foods. Seems like parents are tired of filling their kids with junk.

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A company called Revolution Foods is on a mission to make healthy food choices easier to find. They market to moms AND directly to schools (read more about the school program here). How cool is that?

I was lucky enough to get some samples sent right to my door. This week I've been tucking the treats into my bag and my daughter's lunch tote. We loved the raisins, the Popalongs crunchy snacks. But the best part was the soft and squishy JammySammy: A sandwich bar in three delish flavors. Pick from PB & Strawberry, PB & Grape, Apple Cinnamon & Oatmeal. All the bars are 100% whole grains (and wheat free), filled with organic fruit spread, and a perfect sized. And they promise to "never ever" add transfats, high fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients.

3% of the sales go towards getting healthy snacks to needy schools. Find them at Whole Foods and online Check it out on Revolution Foods on

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