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Where oh where do those recipes go. You know, the ones you rip out of Parenting or Cookie for quick weekday meals. Staying on top of all life'??s details has never been harder. With today'?? hyper-scheduled families, reminders need to be front and center, making the memo board an essential tool in the battle to stay afloat. A stylish Magnetic Memo Board from Pulp is one great answer.

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Don'??t think you have to downgrade the look of your kitchen with a shabby cork board. The big 22'? x 22'? Magnetic Memo Boards ($42) are handcrafted and covered with chic fabrics. I picked the chocolate dots. Then I posted pictures, the weekly menu and recipes with the stylish button magnets (included). Much better.

And if you don't need a kitchen "control panel", this board is a perfect keepsake holder in a nursery or kids room. Place photos, party invites and any other special mementos up on this board to add a lovely accent to a bedroom.

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