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As you can imagine, Momtrends has been flooded with bibs this month. And thankfully, I've got a tester who loves to eat and loves to make a mess. The last bib testing event commenced yesterday. And a standout was DaBib.

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The cool thing about this bib is the "scrunch collar" it fits snugly (but not tight) around the neck--just where babies tend to hoard food. The bib was roomy (maybe too wide at the top?) and it has a drip catcher on the bottom.

The waterproof fabric on the "Da Giggles" makes it easy to clean ($12.99). It's a neutral uni-sex stripe (shown; also available in terry called Da Hugs) and the Velcro attachment was secure. My girl gave it her best to tug it off but soon gave up--the bib stays on.

The collar is a soft cotton so it gets messy and need to be washed more frequently than a purely waterproof bib, but I do like the design. And I am not alone--Da Bib recently won an iParenting Award.

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