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Finding healthy snacks that work for on-the-go families is a challenge. My first pick, fruit, can get bruised or spoiled when packed in a lunch or backpack. I am loath to add tons of salty snacks (chips, granola bars, etc.) and sugary treats (fruit leather) to my stash. Plum Organics delivered a solutions--the Mish Mash.

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Mish Mash is a fruit snack packed with organic goodness. My pint-sized testers LOVED these treats. The packaging is way-cool. It's a squishy, foil container topped with a plastic twist-off cap. We liked that the chunky cap--my 3-year-old mastered it on her own. This is a big deal since she eats lunch at school three days a week. The teachers don't have time to race aroundopening up snacks and lunches for 19 kids!

I'm pleased that this snack is 100% fruit and contains no added sugar. The texture is cool--not a soup, more of a hearty pudding.One pouch has 50 calories, 1 gram of protein, 10grams of sugar and supplies 50% of a child's vitamin C for the day. And let's talk about the sugar content--this is quite low. I just checked a few items in my pantry and things I view as low in sugar are: organic applesauce (12 grams per serving) organic blueberry cerealbar (15 grams of sugar), so Mish Mash comes out a winner. We tasted Banana and Strawberry. The first ingredient on both is organic apple, next is organic pear, then comes the organic strawberry or banana. The pouches are BPA-free and will last for a year in your pantry (but I doubt they will last a week in your home --they are that yummy).

Mish Mash is just one of the new offerings from Plum Organics that will be available in July. Other treats include Fiddlesticks (organic fruit & grain snack sticks) and Fruity Fingers (organic freeze dried fruit & grain bites. Look for them at Babies R Us nationwide this summer--we can't wait now that our sample stash is gone.

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