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Snacking is inevitable when you have kids, but like everything on the market there are various types of snack options. While fresh fruit and vegetables are (of course) the best options - the reality is that these aren't the only snack options that kids are exposed to. Snacking should also be fun and offer kids exposure to a variety of tastes and textures as their palates are growing, and hopefully welcome to try new things.

As part of our snacking routine we have been enjoying a variety of items from LesserEvil Brand Snacks, a company that is renowned for their clever packaging and all-natural items with healthier ingredients. Started in 2004 with their all-natural Kettle Corn, the company recently rebranded and now features a variety of new snack options as well as partner with Autism Speaks where they be donating 10% of their profits to help spread their message of Autism Awareness.

As a brand, LesserEvil offers their Kettle Corn and Krinkle Sticks. The Kettle Corn currently comes in two different flavors: Classic Kettle and Black & White. The Classic was an instant favorite where we loved the blend of sweet and salty and the black and white one reminded me of a black and white cookie, but in a unique popcorn form.

We also really loved their Krinkle Sticks and their diverse offerings like Original Sea Salt, Veggie, White Cheddar, and Sour Cream & Onion. As someone who loves potato chips, I love that this is a delicious and healthy option to the fried chip, especially the veggie flavor that is packed with veggies like potato, corn, spinach and broccoli, and seven whole grains: wheat, barley, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, and white corn. I loved how flavorful this crispy snack is where no one noticed that it was a veggie-based crisp.

I also loved how on top of things this brand is in terms of their marketing and social media. They have a really entertaining blog with topics about about charity, mediation, recipes, and much more. I love how they naturally incorporated topics that many parents care about without solely talking about the products. I also love their clever packaging with phrases like "Made with Ingredients You Can Pronounce, Like Cheddar Cheese" on their Cheddar Krinkle Stick label or "All Natural Field Good" on their Kettle Corn reflects the brands commitment to only using natural ingredients with no preservatives. The entire Krinkle Sticks line is also gluten-free, kosher, has no sugar and no salt.

As a mom, I know that snacking is part of our lives, and know we can all enjoy healthy and natural snack options from LesserEvil feature delicious options that kids will love and clever marketing that parents will enjoy. A perfect combination

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