Momtrends Review Cuisinart Filtration System

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About a month ago Cuisinart sent me a Cuisinart WCH-1500 CleanWater 2-Gallon Countertop Hot/ Cold Water-Filtration System Kit. I was eager to test this out. Having vowed to stop buying bottle water for the family, I'd still like a way to get refreshing, clean water that is convenient. Set up was easy and this device looks fairly sleek on the counter.
I followed the instructions and soaked the filter and then put all the parts together. (I find Cuisinart always provided very easy-to-follow instructions). We tested the system on well water in CT. I find the tap a little funky tasting up there, but the filtered water was very much like the NYC tap (tasty!) water I drink every day. I should have done a blind taste test--this is my one regret. I don't know if my taste buds were tricked by the fancy system.

What I liked: The hot water tab is QUITE hot--you can steep tea with no problem. The room temp. setting is my favorite, and I after I tested the hot water I switched the system to eco-mode. The hot water setting doesn't work in eco mode, but the system will suck less energy. The system includes a timer that will remind you when it is time to replace the filters (in three months). Expect to pay around $15 for the replacement filters. Once filled this will provide two gallons of water--that means you'll spend a lot let time refilling the container

What I didn't like: The system makes a low buzzing noise when plugged in and does require energy to operate. The traditional pitcher units seem a little greener.

Buy the Cuisinart Countertop Hot/ Cold Water-Filtration System at ($150)

Cuisinart did not pay for this post. Product was provided for testing purposes only.

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