Make a Plate and a Treasure

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We are giving my oldest girl more kitchen responsibilities. One of her tiny tasks is setting the table. And nothing inspires a little kid more than special items.

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Anything hand made is always a winner--preschooolers are so proud of their handiwork. I'm excited to be testing out a handmade melamine plate kit from the folks at They are the original "Make a Plate Company" and they are turning 40 this year.

I remember making these plates as a kid. My masterpiece: A dog on a big rock--it was incredibly meaningful to me and I swear asparagus and beets tasted better off this special dish.

Now things have come full circle and I can share this experience with my daughter. I picked up a Make A Plate Kit ($16.99 full retail) at a recent toy fair and I am going to do the craft this weekend. The kit includes markers and five drawing sheets. We'll get busy drawing this weekend and then send in our best work via the post office. The "Magic Factory" does the rest! In a few weeks the plate will be delivered to our door. The unbreakable 10" plate (they are also dishwasher safe) will earn a place of honor at our table.

Make also has licensed designs (Disney, Disney/Pixar and Bob the Builder) With these templates featuring you color in your favorite characters.

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