Lemonade Martini


If I had to pick a favorite from my glasses and stemware collection, it would have to be my martini glasses. I just love them. They're so fun and modern...And I find myself using them for everything from my favorite cocktails to desserts. Something I don't serve in them much, however, are actual martinis. Haha! I'm not a huge Vodka drinker, although I do love a nice Greyhound.

But, like I mentioned last week, we have a huge bottle of Vodka left over from a party, so I've been trying to use it up. And in my never ending quest for easy to make cocktails, I discovered a combination that I quite like. Vodka and lemonade...Frankly, I think you could just throw a shot of Vodka in with some lemonade and ice and it would be a perfectly tasty drink, but I decided that my favorite glasses needed to be used and that requires a shaker.



1-2 oz. Vodka
5 oz. lemonade
blackberries for garnish



Add your Vodka and lemonade to your cocktail shaker and shake with ice until it's nice and cold. Then strain into your favorite martini glass and serve with a blackberry garnish. The color contrast is so lovely and the blackberry flavor goes nicely with lemon.

For my cocktail inspiration, head over to The Shopping Mama for their holiday bar tips.

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