Homemade Birthday Cake Tips

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Each month the Cakes and Kids newsletter astounds me. Owner/Baker, Julie Degnan, is a an artist. Her media of choice: Flour and sugar. I asked Juile to share some tips for party month, and she has provided baking tips for Momtrends. But don't stop with these. Visit her site cakesandkids.com for more inspiration. Homemade Cake Tips...

Making your own homemade kids'?? cakes is one easy way to save yourself some money during the party planning process. After all, even grocery store cakes can be pretty expensive and if you visit a specialty bakery then you'??re definitely in for some cake sticker shock.

If you'??re just starting out then here are some of my favorite beginner tips:

·Use a boxed cake mix '?? no it'??s not cheating and many people can'??t tell the difference between a boxed cake and one made from scratch.

·Try using a character or shaped cake pan '?? the character pans come with very detailed instructions and most require just the small round (#3) and star (#16 and #21) decorating tips.

·If you want a larger round or rectangular cake then simply frost it in a solid color and use a fun cake topper and a large ribbon wrapped around the middle to dress it up.

·Placing your cake upside down on your cake board gives you a lovely smooth surface free of crumbs, perfect for applying your frosting.

·If you want to experiment with fondant try making your own marshmallow fondant '?? it'??s both easy to work with and inexpensive to make.

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You can view these and many more cake tips on the CakesAndKids.com website. And the most important tip of all is to have fun '?? happy baking everyone!

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