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Each week I get more than 100 pitches for products. About 20% make the cut and of those I only write up maybe 10 items. It's a pretty selective process and Momtrends NEVER accepts payment for reviews. But there are VERY happy occasions when I love a brand and the brand loves Momtrends right back. Happy Baby is one of those magical confluences.

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I live in the neighborhood where Happy Baby Foods has their offices. I met Shazi, the founder about three years ago (before the Momtrends was born) and interviewed her for an article. I was impressed with her passion and smarts and hoped we'd work together again.

Over the years, I've seen Happy Baby grow and flourish from their fresh-frozen organic foods to toddler bites and now to my all-time favorite addition the Organic Puff. Back in January, I stopped by to pick up some sample Puffs before heading off on a ski trip. They were awesome. Not only did the girls love them, but my hubby and I munched away (as there's no food on airlines any more we were extra happy to have these along). The flip top container is easy to open, and fun to shake. These Puffs have half the sugar (and no HFCS!) of other brands and are the only baby snack fortified with calcium and vitamins B and D. Not that the kids will care...they will just love the crunch and the pop of sweet fruit.

If you are a mom, you've likely given your child hundreds of Cheerios. And their is nothing wrong with this snack, but if you could go with a healthier alternative that tastes even better wouldn't you? Our favorite was the Apple flavor, but be sure to try Banana and Green (with spinach and kale) too. $3.39 at HappyFamilyShop.

You can find them at Whole Foods online at happyfamilyshop.com and from amazon.com (packs of 6). I am thrilled to spread the word with this feature and share a coupon with the Momtrends readers.Use the $1.00 off coupon below on your order of any two products.

What else is up? Happy Baby has their first book coming out in September by HarperCollins - Happy Baby: The Organic Guide to Baby's First 24 Months. I'll look forward to reviewing that soon.

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