GroGood Campaign


The GroGood campaign is an exciting partnership between ScottsMiracle-Gro, Plant a Row for the Hungry and Feeding America. The national GroGood campaign is asking families to take the GroGood pledge to plant an edible garden this spring, and donate their extra produce at harvest time, to help feed a needy family.

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The pledge is easy to complete because it'??s as simple as planting an at-home garden or joining a community garden '?? adding a pot, plot or row for those in need '?? and then donating the extra harvest to a participating food agency. To kick-start the program ScottsMiracle-Gro donated one million pounds of produce to Feeding America (hunger relief agency).

Not only will you feel good about this initiative, you'll save money too. Gardening is a recession-friendly idea. For only $50 worth of seeds and fertilizer, your family can produce $1,250 worth of groceries typically purchased in the average supermarket.

Need ideas for what to do with all your home grown goodies? Click here for recipes to make with your fresh, garden grown veggies.

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