Greyhound Cocktail Recipe


I must have posed a mission to myself to see how many two ingredient cocktails I could make without realizing it because here I am at it again. Haha! It's Saturday night and officially cocktail hour in my house, so I decided to make use of the large and in charge bottle of Vodka that a guest left us after one of our get togethers. We aren't big Vodka drinkers, but if the cocktail is tasty enough...I'm game to try it. It just has to contain something I really like, which today's recipe does!


Now it's been a looooong week for mama. I just returned home from a pretty epic European getaway and you know how it is when you've been away...You usually come back to chaos right? So, I am definitely not up for mixing anything fancy. A two ingredient drink, however...That I can handle! And this week I decided to go the citrus route again...specifically the grapefruit route. I love grapefruit juice. I mean...I loooooove grapefruit juice! It's completely under appreciated in my book. And remember how well grapefruit went with tequila in our grapefruit spritzer? Well, it's a smashing partner for Vodka too! The classic Greyhound cocktail is simply Vodka guessed it....grapefruit juice!



6 oz. grapefruit juice
1-2 oz. Vodka
grapefruit slice for garnish


Add your grapefruit juice and Vodka to a shaker...shake and strain into your glass. You can garnish your drink with a ruby red grapefruit slice if you like. I think it adds a little something to the presentation, but that's just me. And that's all she wrote! Easy peasy!

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