Whether you cheered your favorite college football team on to a victory yesterday, like I did (GO GATORS), or you're settling in for game 5 of the World Series, also happening in our house tonight, haha), I bet you're going to want to have a cold one in hand. Why not go a step beyond a normal beer and serve something a bit fancier? To piggy back on the Snake Bite that we shared last week, this week we're talking about the Black and Tan...It's a similar concept, but has a very different taste.

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A Black and Tan is traditionally made from a pale ale like Harp and a stout like Guinness. I decided to put a craft spin on things and used an India Pale Ale (IPA) because my hubs likes a hoppier taste and a double stout from our favorite local brewery Cigar City Brewery, but you could certainly go the classic route and use Guiness. I actually did test it both ways and found that Guinness made for a prettier look, but the hubs liked the taste of the double stout better. Just food for thought...


Black and Tan Ingredients:

  • pale ale
  • stout

Black and Tan Directions:

  1. Fill half the glass with your pale ale of choice
  2. Slowly pour the stout on top. 
  3. Use a bar spoon, or even a regular old spoon like I did, to help achieve that floating on top look. And that's it...Easy as pie!

Here's to hoping your team comes up with the big win tonight! Personally, I'm throwing the Royals my support. Don't hate me Mets fans. Haha! We can all raise our Black and Tank drinks to our shared love of baseball right? Play baaaaaaallllll!


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