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You probably guessed we are into cooking after seeing my recipes on the weekly Friday Feasts feature. I'm trying to do more with quality food brands to help promote healthy food for families. I'm thrilled that Plum Organics is the August sponsor--I deeply believe in the organic food movement and appreciate their support of Momtrends.

Food company's contact me all the time. I accept samples when I think the fit is good. Here are a few examples. A local momtrepreneur pitched me on her home delivery service callledSusie's Supper Club and I loved it. Another new company pitched me on prepackaged "healthy" snacks--they sent it and I tried them--yuck. I won't be mentioning them on Momtrends.

And then there are newsworthy food stories I like to share. Progresso has a new line of high-fiber soups coming out. I agreed to give them the taste test. We sampled Chicken Tuscany and Creamy Tomato Basil at lunch last week. The girls and I liked them. They weren't too salty (no MSG) and I think it's a great idea to up the fiber servings in soup. I'd love to see Progresso introduce an organic line--right now we buy a lot of Annies.

So that is where we stand on food for now. If you've got things you think are a good match...send them my way. And we are looking for a Friday Feasts sponsor and welcome the chance to work with foodies across the nation.

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