Eco-Ditty: The 100% Organic Cotton Sandwich Bag


All my kids' sippy-cups are BPA free, so why am I still transporting their food in questionable plastic bags? Well, because they'??re so easy, lightweight and practical. But, I don't like it. Luckily, it turns out, I can still carry my daughter'??s half-eaten cheese sticks to the playground in a little bag, but this one'??s made of 100% organic cotton. No guilt about clogging up the landfills, either.

Eco-Ditty is available in sandwich and snack sizes and can be washed hundreds of times. To make Eco-Ditty even more fun, they just came out with Color-Your-Own Snack-Ditty. The bag comes with three non-toxic, permanent, fabric markers to decorate your bag. Fun, fun, fun. I see taking them to restaurants, picnics and play dates. And no yucky plastic.


By the way, '??ditty bag'? is a small bag sailors used to carry their equipment. That'??s pretty appropriate when I think about that half-eaten cheese stick in my ditty bag. I might need it to get my daughter back in her car seat after the play-ground.

Find out more about Eco-Ditty. Shop on Amazon $12 per bag.

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