Dream Baby Stay-Put Bowl Review

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In honor of food month, I have tested dozens of bowls, bibs and plates. A few have caught my eye. This weekend I tried the Dream Baby Stay Put Cutlery and Bowl Set.

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The three-piece set consists of a bowl with a suction base, a spoon with a cord and a suction base, and a fork with cord and a suction base. All of the pieces were crafted of quality plastic and didn't have any sharp edges. Dream Baby prides themselves in making the best baby safety gear, so I wasn't surprised the product was well made (and well-packaged--no scissors requite to open--thank you!)

The bowl attached easily to my daughter's highchair and she could not remove it to fling her peas on the floor. Warning: This does not mean an end to messy floors--my daughterjust picked them out of the bowl one at a time! But yes, the bowl worked. I had more trouble affixing it to a Formica counter and it did not work when food was on her tray prior to setting up the suction.

The utensils were a bit trickier to take hold--but they did work and I will continue to use them as it save me the work of pickingthe spoon off the floor multiple times in a meal. I'm also impressed that the cords did not wrecked in the wash. Buy the set on Amazon for $9.97. Pick from three colors.

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