Cranberry Sparkle Cocktail


If you're anything like me, I had you at the word sparkle. Haha! I love anything and everything that sparkles...and that includes my cocktails! I enjoy a nice glass of bubbly all on its own of course, but it's also fun to dress up those bubbles every now and again. And what dresses up drink more than a little color? A bold red color to be exact....Nothing makes for a prettier cocktail than a red juice mixer in my book. In fact, if you have designs on serving a mimosa bar at your next brunch, I highly suggest you go beyond orange juice for your mixers, but I digress...Let's talk about today's featured cocktail!


This is the kind of cocktail you can serve at a Halloween OR holiday party. It looks seriously spooky and fabulously festive at the same time! It all depends on whether you're in need of a little bloody gore or holiday cheer. Or you can simply serve it next to a lovely fall floral arrangement and turn your night into a let's have a happy just because it's a beautiful fall day situation. And that's exactly what's going on at our house tonight. Even if it's just you and your honey partaking, there's no reason you can't serve up a special cocktail on any old day...And in this case, le special cocktail takes very little effort to make!


- your favorite sparkling wine (I went with my personal jam, Prosecco)
- cranberry juice (you could easlily substitute this for pomegranate juice)
- fruit garnish (I like the contrasting color that blueberries lend to this cocktail's look, but cranberries would work great too)



Pour 2/3 bubbles to 1/3 juice and top with your garnish of choice. That's it! You have a slightly (but not too) sweet cocktail to celebrate, well, ANYTHING with!


And for more cocktail inspiration, head over to The Shopping Mama to check out their Oktoberfest party! Beer lovers're going to be all over this one!

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