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By now you've grown accustomed to soiled diapers and baby puke. You've learned how to use a burp cloth to your advantage and can change a poopy diaper with one hand at 2am.

Here are two more tips to help contain the mess and keep your home tidy.

Mary Jane Bags Splat Mat: Place this colorful oil cloth under baby's high chair to collect food debris (dogs are also a fine solution to this problem if they happen to enjoy squished peas). The spacious mat (48" x48") comes in five fruity prints. Once baby is feeding is a less frantic manner, this makes a great picnic blanket or put it underneath your child's easel to keep paint from dripping on the floor. $31.50

Zout Spray:
Designed to remove bloodstains from hospital gowns (ick), this spray cleaner does a great job getting food and other protein stains out of clothing. It's safe for all colorfast clothing. I also love that this site has a step-by-step guide to doing laundry and guide to removing stains--a dream for the laundry-challenged among us. Read my complete guide to baby laundry detergents now featured on for a list of the best detergents.

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