Chai, Baby Tea


Ah dessert. It's too tempting to pick up cookies or other treats--especially now that the ice cream truck is in the neighborhood. My post-dinner or midday solution? Tea. Dehydration often cues our hunger--so sipping some delightful tea can solve the problem. A flavorful beverage often sates my hunger.

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I got to test out a new batch of teas called Chai, Baby. First let me say they are beautifully packaged. Tea bags are lovingly wrapped in sachets which are stored in bright and festive tins. My favorite is the Jasmine & Rose Tea. During this rainy May week, I made myself a hot cup after dinner. Yesterday I made a double batch and stuck it in the fridge overnight. Then I filled my water bottle today with delicious iced tea. Thrifty, tasty and a sweet alternative to water as I took the kids to the park and enjoyed the 70 degree/sunny day. They got ice creams and I was happy to skip. $16 for 16 sachets.

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They have tons of other flavors--some billed especially for moms: Relaxation Blend (no caffeine) and Energy Blend (a pick-me-up without caffeine).

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