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I am head chef six nights a week. When I say we use our kitchen a lot, I mean it. So the gear we have on hand has to be durable and effective. Since we don't have a grill (we live in a high rise), we rely on the broiler to cook steaks. Cotton oven mitts simply won't cut it.

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Built Arlo Oven Mitt are ideal for our situation. The extra-long design means I can reach deep into the oven without fear of a burn. The neoprene hand portion ah a nice secure feel--so I don't fear dropping something hot onto the floor. We use these mitts with VERY high heat and never have a problem. In addition to working great, Built has design their mitts with a ton of modern style. The contemporary dot patterns look perfect in any kitchen. $17.99

The mitts also come in a shorter version called the Built Renzo Oven Mitt ($14.99)
and for stovetop cooking there's a Built Milo Pot Holder ($10.75). Treat yourself to an update--I bet there are some shabby mitts out there or moms doubling up an oven mitt and pot holder because neither work very well.

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