Bubbly Picks for New Year's

Bubbly Picks New Years Eve

Here's how to add 'Pop' to Your Holiday Without Breaking the Bank.

New Year should always be marked by the clinking of glasses, a sip of Champagne and a kiss. Of course it's better to start the New Year with a good bottle of bubbly rather than mass-produced hangover-inducing fizz, but how can this be affordable in today's economy, particularly if you're responsible for supplying it to all your guests?
have two wines for you: Prosecco and Cava.

Prosecco is a fresh and fruity sparkling wine that comes from northern Italy; it is a great aperitif and is best consumed young. Cava is a richer, earthier style of sparkling wine from Spain, aged for many months and made using the same methods as true Champagne from France. Sales of both Prosecco and Cava have been on a substantial rise in the US this year as people search for better value alternatives to pricey Champagne. And while some people refer to this as 'trading down,' I see it more as 'drinking smart.' Finding a bottle of adequate Champagne for under $30 is becoming close to impossible, but there are plenty of great bottles of Prosecco and Cava to be had in the $10 - $20 range!

Both restaurants and retail shops around the country have been taking advantage of these great values from Italy and Spain, so be on the lookout wherever you buy your bubbly this year. If you prefer fresh, lively wine with flavors of pears, apples and citrus, then Prosecco is your wine. Cava, on the other hand, is a little richer and darker with earthy notes and yeast mixed in with citrus, pear and apple flavors. Now you're all set on bubbly selection, but you're on your own for the kiss.

And if you're really stuck, here are a few bottles of each to look for:

La Marca Prosecco di Conegliano (around $14): Light and aromatic with soft, fizzy bubbles. Flavors of peach, honeydew, lemon, lime, toast and honey.

Canella Prosecco Brut Spumante (around $14): Tiny, creamy bubbles. Flavors of lemon, lime, green apple and white peach.

Mont Marasal Cava Brut Reserva (around $12): Tropical notes of banana and pineapple are surrounded by a light touch of yeast and just a hint of sweetness.

Freixenet Brut Cordon Negro Cava (around $9) Easy to spot by the black glass bottle. Traditional Cava flavors with a distinct earthy character under light apple and lemon notes. Often available in smaller bottles for individual servings.


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