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Better Snacks for Kids Parties

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Party foods usually means a free-for-all and kids getting way too much sugar and fat. I reached out to Tracy Adler, a restaurant owner and mother of two, for advice. Tracy created Yum Yum Dishes to help parents teach their children about correct portion size and is a strong advocate in the fight against childhood obesity.

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When preparing for parties that involve kids, I have a few tips to help prevent overeating yet stimulate interaction'?¦all without sacrificing taste and treats. First, encourage moms to buy a '??party favor'?? called a Yum Yum Dish ($22) for their party'?¦ guests get to enjoy a decadent treat in the dish and then they get to take the dish home.

As part of the '??fun'?? the parents and kids can all help whip up some brownie mix as a type of party-project and pour the treat into Yum Yum Dishes, which are oven-safe. After the dish cools, the kids can add a scoop of ice-cream for a hot-fudge brownie. Tasty and in the right portion! Again, a great party treat and activity in one. And, the guests get to take the dish home.

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I also tasted two new treats that won't ruin your healthy-food program and work well at parties. First, Knudsen has a new organic juice box. Sensible Sippers are available in fruit Punch, Banana, Apple, Mixed Berry. Why not buy a stash of these instead of high-fructose laden juice for your next bash? These sippers add water to dilute the sugary sensation--a big winner in my book. And my daughter never noticed a thing! Sippers contain no added sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives, and are certified organic in accordance with the USDA's National Organic Program. Click here to save $1 on an eight pack. Find them at Whole Foods.

Funky Monkey has a new freeze-dried fruit snack that comes in four flavors. Again, no added sugar or preservatives--just fun fruit. Our favorite flavor was the Funky Monkey Snacks Bananamon, Bannana with Cinnamon12 pak $27.38. These snacks just got their organic certificate (a big deal and a length process) so now moms can feel even better about serving this crunchy snack. So skip the Dorito bags at the next bash and serve these real fruit snacks.

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