Best Vegetable Dips for Kids

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On my never-ending quest to get my girls to eat well, I've been on the hunt for veggie dips. Nutrition experts tell me time and again to feed them veggies and dip when they are ravenous . Here are my ideas for dip. The idea is, give them veggies and dip to munch as you prepare the main meal.

Mini Pepper Boats. From Parents Magazine.

1. Halve mini sweet peppers.
2. Fill with ranch dressing.
3. Add broken pretzel sticks for oars. takes it a step further and recommends seven store-bought dips for parents to use. I think stocking up on these will make veggie eating a fun experiment.

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Disney's has a nice selection of dips. I'm ear-marking the Tzatziki Dip I spotted to try with green and red peppers.

Allrecipes has a hit with the Ladybugs on a Log recipe: Celery stick stuffed with raspberry flavored cream cheese and topped with 3 or 4 dried cranberries.

What are your entertaining ides for foodies large and small?

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