Adult Arnold Palmer Cocktail


If you like lemonade...and you like iced tea...Odds are an Arnold Palmer is your cuppa tea. It certainly is mine. I'm an east coast kinda girl at heart, but there is also part of me that just loves the south and an Arnold Palmer is very, very southern. Now I know a nice cold glass of iced tea / lemonade sounds like a summer drink...and it pretty much is, but considering that it's still fairly warm here, I'm going to go ahead and enjoy one as I get ready to cheer on my favorite team today...Won't you join me?


Game day around here means two things...All day SEC football watching, a sweet spread complete with tasty apps and cocktails. While the hubs will probably crack open a nice cold pumpkin beer, he's so on trend (haha), I think I'll whip up an adult Arnold Palmer. If you're looking for a seriously simple drink to serve at your next gathering, it doesn't get much easier than this...and the flavors taste SO good together!


iced tea (sweetened or unsweetened, I prefer unsweetened)
lemonade (fresh if you have the time, but store bought works just as well)
2 shots vodka


Combine all the ingredients to taste (i.e. if you prefer it to taste more like lemonade, go heavier on that) in a cocktail shaker, shake, strain and serve over ice in a tall glass. You certainly don't have to go the shaker route. I just like how super cold it makes the drink! To make this process even more simple (how is that possible, ha) you can just throw everything in a glass and enjoy. There's no right or wrong way when we're talking about a laid back cocktail like this. You can even whip up more than one drink's worth at a time, serve in a cute container and let your guests help themselves!


So, what's your libation of choice today lovelies? If you need some more inspiration, head over to The Shopping Mama for their Saturday Sips take on things! I hear that Apple Pie Sangria is on the menu...Mmmmm!

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