2-Ingredient Cocktail: Grapefruit Spritzer


Since embarking on my never ending quest to try out new (to me) and interesting cocktails, I've found myself looking for mixers whenever I'm at the grocery store. And I recently came across a grapefruit soda that I knew would be a perfect addition to my bar stock. Fancy flavored sodas can really make for an impressive drink that requires very little effort to make. They're perfect for parties! You want to mingle with your guests and not play bartender all night long right? With sodas like these, you don't have to. Put out your liquor of choice and a flavored soda and your guests can mix up their own 2-ingredient cocktail.


I'm a big fan of the two ingredient cocktail for many reasons. Not only is it super quick and easy to mix up, but the less complicated a drink is, the more you can taste the liquor...and it it happens to be a liquor you really like, you want that flavor brought out. And for me...tequila is a liquor I really enjoy. If you get good tequila, the taste is nice and smooth. So, it's perfect for the 2-ingredient drink. And that is just what we're using for our Grapefruit Spritzer...A pretty in pink and totally refreshing libation.



grapefruit soda
white tequila


Fill a mason jar (or any pretty glass) with ice, add a shot of white tequila and half a bottle of grapefuit soda.

Can you believe how simple that is? You end up with a beautiful drink that tastes even better than it looks! So, are you interested in hearing about more of my favorite 2-ingredient drinks? Inquiring minds want to know! And for more cocktail inspiration, head over to The Shopping Mama for their Saturday Sips recipe!

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