Roses from Whole Foods for Valentine's Day


Roses are a classic gift for the day of love. However, last Valentine?s Day, 29 percent of shoppers chose to purchase other hues, too*. Why? There are many types of love to celebrate ? puppy love, friendship, family love, self love ? and every rose color sends a special message, so choose wisely (look below for ideas)!


With a rainbow of roses and sentiments to send ?it?s the thought that counts,? takes on a whole new meaning. But what about the farm workers who pick those each stem? Are shoppers thinking about where their roses come from or how their purchases impact farm workers? lives? The bright, beautiful Whole Trade roses from Whole Foods Market are not only beautiful, but they show growers, farm workers and the environment you care. They are also a quick and easy Valentine gift idea

The Whole Trade program guarantees:

· Fair prices to producers
· Safe and healthy working conditions for farm workers
· Environmentally-friendly growing practices
· High quality products
· A one percent donation of each purchase to Whole Planet Foundation for poverty relief

Thanks to shoppers? Whole Trade flower purchases, Whole Foods Market has funded more than $4 million in premiums to support improvement programs for floral workers and their communities in Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica. So far, those extra dollars have funded first homes for families, scholarships for children, community art programs, medical and dental treatments and an overall improvement in the quality of life for farm workers, their families and their communities.

Not sure which color to pick? Here are just a few Whole Trade shades to consider:

· Red ? romantic love
· Yellow ? friendship or congratulations
· White ? ?I miss you? (also truth and purity)
· Peach ? ?Thank you?
· Purple ? love at first sight
· Yellow with red tips ? friendship turning into love

Check out the video below to learn more about how Whole Trade is improving farm workers? lives.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given a gift card to purchase the flowers. 

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