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Triathlons are for Girls

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Fitness is my therapy. It helps me balance family, work and all the other things that make life wonderful and maddening all at once. Training and racing are things I can control. If I put in the effort, I can finish and see progress. That's why I love a good race. My latest was the Hopkins Inn Triathlon.

I want my kids to be successful. And left to my own devices I might push too hard or meddle too much. Instead, I search for the grace to let them find their own paths. I support, cheer and yes facilitate. But I do not helicopter. I have my own challenges to focus on.

Fitness and racing has helped me find "electrolytenment"--its an enlightened state of mind, body and soul. I want my girls to see me swim, bike and run. I want them to know I love them without limits. And I want them to know I am not living life through them. I am celebrating them and their achievements and they might even find a time to celebrate mine.

Last weekend I ran a sprint triathlon in Connecticut. For an hour and 20 minutes, I wasn't a mom, wife or boss. I was an athlete (hey, fake it until you make it). So I got my number #162 and gave it my all.

As I set my gear up in the transition area I added resource® Natural Spring Water. It’s 100% naturally sourced spring water. I used it during the training and during my race to fuel me. No added calories or colors. It tasted like crisp, clean water, but I got some extra benefits too.

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Nestle Resource Water, electrolytenment, fitness, triathlons, fitness bloggers, mom runners, serenity through exercise
resource® Natural Spring Water

The race was fantastic. The lake was glorious--82 and relatively calm. The bike around Lake Waramug was hilly and it certainly kept me engaged. I really had to focus and pump on two particular hills. Then the run. Capping off the course was a steep incline at the beginning of the 3-mile leg. As I crossed the finish line (#5 out of 26 in my age group), I was proud of my morning. The effort paid off--total electrolytenment. I was truly in the moment of the race. And that is a powerful experience.

I don't have a lot of fancy gear to keep me going. Training makes me sharper in all areas, not just on the race course. Spending those hours working out teaches the girls about discipline and enjoying the process and being able to live in the moment.

resource® Natural Spring Water is a holistic bottled water brand that sustains a lifestyle of wellbeing - spring water with naturally occurring electrolytes for taste, a bottle made from 50% recycled plastic [excluding label and cap], and a source for discovery and enlightenment.

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