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I know, I know it's not about fashion. It's about bonding, networking and community building. But we are convening in the fashion capital of the universe. Now I'm not suggesting that you go buy a new wardrobe for the event (but the Ralph Lauren store in SOHO is having a clearance sale--markdowns of 75% off plus and additional 25% everything on sale). What I do suggest is you pack and show up with flair baby!

When it comes to outfits, wear what feels great. If it's a favorite pair of jeans or your Red Sox cap (beware of Yankees fans)--go for it. NYC is all about personality. And on that note. Don't be afraid of color. I'll be sporting some dashing pops of color. A little purple and some orange--so I'll be easy to spot. Pack clothes that travel well--you won't have time to iron. And don't forget a wrap to battle the wicked change from outdoor humidity to indoor blasts of AC. We love the explosive hue of this cashmere wrap from RL--sale $149.

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Shoes: Flats are ideal for daytime. Be warned NYC has some funky puddles that consist of car fluids and bodily fluids. Flip flops are ill advised. My pick for the ultimate walking shoe?French Soles.So chic, so comfortable and about $100 per pair--trust me worth it.

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For night, I love theCastaner Adoris wedge sandal. You can scoop these up on sale right now for about $60--such a deal for a comfortable heel.

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Accessories: By all means wear a statement piece. Perhaps an heirloom. Maybe something you've designed yourself--it's a great conversation starter and can help build you confidence knowing you have something beloved on. Don't buy something new--it's all new to the women you're going to meet.

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: If you can keep it light that's best. A heavy leather bag is going to get cumbersome by the end of the day. I like nice, light nylon. This

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from Kate Spade has all the glam needed for a trip to NYC ($245). And don't forget to pack it with tons and tons of business cards. Otherwise how am I going to remember to keep in touch with you?

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