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Three Fruity Drink Recipes

If you caught me on the weekend with a drink in hand, I would most likely be clutching a craft beer of some sort. They tend to be my laid back weekend fun go-to. That being said, sometimes I get a little ambitious...especially when I'm craving a delicious, fruity cocktail. Ambitious meaning I have to do more than pop the lid off a brew. Haha! So, being that it's Sunday, my favorite day for a little day drinking fun, I thought I would round up a few fruity concoctions.

fruity moscow mule

Fruity Moscow Mule...Moscow Mules have been all the rage the past year or so and BonBon Rose Girls come up with a refreshing and super simple recipe that anyone can whip up. It's served over ice making it perfect for the warm spring days we're experiencing. Well, it might not be quite as warm as your neck of the woods as it is for us here in the sunshine state, but I bet you're ready for a little tropical inspired action either way. Am I right?

berry mojito

Berry Mojito...When we're on vacation, my mom always orders a mojito, while I've always been more of a pina colada girl, but when I sipped her mojito for the first time, I got it. They're delightful! And now I'm on a mission to try out various versions of the classic mojito. Like Sunny Sweet Days' berry take on it. I mean she had me at the raspberries. I can eat a whole carton in like one sitting. I do not jest.

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Wine Slushie...It doesn't get much more fun than a slushie. Am I right? And the adult version? Even better! Our wine slushie recipe requires little more than some frozen fruit and your favorite bottle o' vino! Easy peasy! And if you know anything about this girl, it's that I'm all about making things easy. Life is tough enough right?

Now the only question is...which of these fresh, fruity drink recipes should I tackle tonight? Weekend warrior errand running has prevented any day drinking, but some of my favorite shows are back for another season tonight and I do believe a fruity cocktail is the perfect way to celebrate! Who's joining me?!? Game of Thrones, Veep and Silicone Valley...OH MY!

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