Three Easy Breakfast Ideas

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If you're anything like me, your mornings are beyond hectic. You have to get yourself and the kids ready which takes up enough time on its own. Being able to spend a ton of time cooking breakfast is probably a luxury you don't have. But it's so important to send them off to school with full bellies. And being that we're in the home stretch for the school year, you're probably just trying to get through the next couple of months until everyone can take a breather this summer. So, I decided to round up three easy breakfast ideas that your family will surely gobble up!

banana yogurt pops

Banana Yogurt Pops...As the weather warms up, the kids will definitely appreciate nice cold treats...and who says breakfast can't taste like a treat? BonBon Rose Girls came up with the yummiest looking breakfast pops. With Greek yogurt and granola being the ingredients, you can't go wrong handing one to your kiddo in the morning.

overnight oats

Overnight Oats...Just like laying out their clothes, making their lunches and packing their backpacks the night before makes life easier for you, so does making breakfast. Our overnight oats recipe is tasty, nutritious and requires zero prep time in the morning. Anything you can do to make the morning routine more seamless right?


Breakfast Potatoes...My kids definitely have more productive days when they've had a hearty breakfast. This breakfast potatoes concoction from Sunny Sweet Days would do the trick quite well. You could even swap out the bacon for ham or just forgo the meat completely. Eggs are a nice source of protein on their own!

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