The Perfect Date Night In


This post was sponsored by California Pizza Kitchen Oven-Ready Pizzas.

I’m of the firm belief that spending quality alone time with your spouse is vital to having a healthy marriage. My hubs and I try to fit in date nights as often as possible and while I love heading out on the town for a hot night with my honey, we have just as much fun at home. That’s how you know you’re with the right person...when a date night in is as lovely as a date night out! Am I right?


Now often times, we have a date night in because we’re both too beat at the end of a busy day to leave the house...and that means neither one of us necessarily wants to cook a big meal either. I happen to have a wonderful partner who actually makes most of our meals, but I do try to prepare him one every now and again, even if it’s just pizza, salad and a good bottle of wine. It’s amazing how enjoyable an oven-ready pizza can be when paired with a glass of vino...if it’s the right pizza that is!


Enter California Pizza Kitchen Oven-Ready Pizzas. Their Crispy Thin Crust Oven-Ready Pizzas are so delicious! They’re more special than your average oven-ready pizza, making them perfect for our date nights in. We tried the Crispy Thin Crust Margherita Oven-Ready Pizza with premium toppings like vine-ripened tomatoes, sweet basil and mozzarella and Fontina cheeses. Add in a Caesar salad and a bottle of red and our night is made. We typically feed the kiddos and get them to bed early, so we have the night free to enjoy a leisurely meal together.


In fact, we’re currently on vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains and we turned to our favorite California Pizza Kitchen Oven-Ready Pizza and wine pairing on our first night here. We were exhausted after a long drive and all we had to do was pop our pizza in the oven, open our wine, set a little table on the deck and we had a nice, relaxing al fresco meal.


So, what’s your ideal date night in, lovelies?

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