Tasty Treat Shop from Alex Toys

bake shop

The new Tasty Treat Shop from Alex Toys ($43.99) will be transform you and your kids to a charming bakery right out of candy land. The sturdy, plastic coated tri-fold features the inside of the bakery on one side and the outside of the bakery on the other. The illustrations are as cute and tasty-looking as can be. (Warning: this game will make you want to bake!)

The bakery features a counter for baking and illustrations of an oven and baking tools. Mix your pretend batter with bowl, wisk, measuring spoons and cardboard ingredients (all included) and present you treats for your customers. The outside of the store is complete with a window for ordering your goodies and a list of specials and pies that you compile with colorful re-usable stickers.

The Tasty Treat Shop includes cardboard cookies and cake that you assemble. Items are easy to assemble, but need a little reinforcing with tape. Also included is a pink baker's hat (which didn'??t fit my daughter, but she does have a lot of hair) and pink apron.

I love how this toy can be easily folded away and put back in its box. None of us need yet another large toy taking up a lot of room! Then, go find some real cookies because the Tasty Treat Shop will make you hungry!

Find the Tasty Treat Shop at Alex Toys for $43.95 or on Amazon.com.

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