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Sweet Treats from Lindt

Sweet Treats from Lindt

This Valentine's Day we are enjoying something sweet from Lindt. A company that has been around since 1845, Lindt is renowned for their masterful recipe and premium ingredients that are perfected by the Lindt Maîtres Chocolatiers.

They also come out with some new (and delicious) new chocolate products including the incredible Coconut Chocolate LINDOR Truffles, Crunchy Caramel with Sea Salt Classic Recipe Bar and the yummy Classic Chocolate Brownie Mix.

During a recent interview with Lindt Master Chocolatier, Ann Czaja, I learned more how the company has strident quality control and tasting protocol where it takes about one year for the product to reach consumers. She also shared some entertaining ideas with their chocolates. Check out some of her tips below as you savor your chocolate this Valentine's Day.

1. If you are the party host, break up your chocolate bars as a dessert for people to nibble on smaller bites and sample various flavors such as the Crunchy Caramel with Sea Salt Classic Recipe Bar.

2. Have a brownie party where you have a variety of mixes and guests can include their favorite chocolate pieces for a tasty and chocolate treat.

3. Have a test testing where you offer a variety of LINDT products and guests and have guess what they are eating.

4. Put out a bowl of Milk Chocolate Covered Almonds Bag for some sweet and simple ways to nibble on chocolate.


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