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Don't you just love a home-cooked meal! For many urban families, both parents work out of the house and taking time to prepare fresh, nutritious dinners simply isn't an option. Susie's Supper Club is like having an extra parent on hand.

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I tested out this new, fresh food delivery service and was mighty impressed with the quality. Since I do work from home, I am able to cook most nights. My standard are pretty high. Fatty foods and meals with loads of salt instantly turn me off. To my delight, Susie focuses on fresh foods and organic ingredients. She doesn't need to disguise inferior ingredients with heaps of cheese, butter and fat.

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Founder, Susie Cover, launched the business this year. Prior to this, Susie worked as a private chef and was in charge of cooking for three children on a daily basis. During this time, she developed recipes for the kids that were not only nutritious but tasted great. With Susie's Supper Club, she hopes to bring these wonderful meals to your table.

On our trial run we sampled a little bit of everything from the comprehensive menu. We tried a Family Style Dinner (enough for two adults) which included a hearty portion of Vegetarian Lasagna, fresh haricot verts and garlic bread, I swooned over the freshness of the green beans. So sweet and tasty--I couldn't have done better.

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Everything comes packaged in reusable and recyclable plastic containers. The reheating instructions are simple and the food arrived to my doorman in impeccable condition.

Prices range from $5 for snacks (try the Mini Banana Bread Muffins)--ideal for lunch boxes or quick nibbles--to $18 for a Family Meal of Chicken Tikka Masala. As for sides, my 18-month-old devoured the quinoa cakes. Amazing! Give this gift to yourself or treat a new parents to a few nights of fresh dinner from Susie's.

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