Stylish Online Shop Focuses on Organics

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There's a new source for time-strapped parents to outfit their home--Stylish Organic Living. This is an online boutique with beautiful designer and a green spin. Whether clothing for kids and adults, gifts, hand-made jewelry, furniture, its all in this one spot.

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The goal is to seek out products that use responsible manufacturing and make it easy to find them all int one location. I was eager to check out the offerings. Since I needed some new accent pillows I looked into the Morris Accent Pillow. These gorgeous 16" x 16" accessory are made of organic cotton flannel and wool felt and are hand made in the USA. The quality was lovely and I was truly impressed with the service. ($140). Pick from more than a dozen color combnations.

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For kids rooms, they offer a full array of furniture from Nurseryworks. I'm infatuated with this Canterbury Changing table. ($1460--but so gorgeous!)

Owner, Jeffery Stein really wants to make his customers happy. He's even offering free shipping. "Organic used to be a dirty word," says Jeffery, CEO of Stylish Organic Living, "it conjures up images of hippies with compost buckets, but that's all changed. Today organic products are from top-notch designers and have become synonymous with quality." It's good to have a go-to place for style and substance.

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