Spooky Cocktail: The Snake Bite


By the time Saturday night rolls around I'm usually prety beat. After a long week of school pick ups and drop offs, activities and, not to mention work, all I want to do is put my feet up, sip on something delicious and snuggle on the couch with my honey. Sure, I can rally if a more attractive offer comes along, but wow does it have to be really amazing. I mean my couch is ridiculously comfortable and I've been having a blast experimenting with cocktail mixing at home...What more does a girl need besides a drink and a couch? Haha!


Since it's nearly Halloween, I thought I would tackle something with a seriously spooky name...The Snake Bite. Now just because I've been putting my attempted amateur mixologist hat on lately, doesn't mean I'm always up for making something complicated. In fact, most nights, I'm all about easy. Whether we're talking about an easy dinner, easy clothes (i.e. loungewear) and or, my favorite, easy cocktails. Well folks, it doesn't get much easier than the Snake Bite. All you need is some hard cider and some stout. That's it...No joke.


hard cider



Pour equal parts cider and stout into a pint glass or any glass really. We aren't fancy around here. Haha! I went for a tart green apple cider and Guinness. First pour your cider, then very slowly pour the stout over it. You basically want it to float on top of the cider to get that pretty Snake Bite look. The pros pour it over the back of a spoon to slow things down even more, but since you're probably just enjoying this in the comfort of your living room, you don't exactly need to be too precise about it. Just get ready for a slightly sweet drink with a BITE!

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