Simply Naked Wines for Valentine's Day

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Momtrends reviews Simply_Naked Wines

Good news for wine drinkers. According to a new survey conducted by Simply Naked Wines, wine drinkers describe themselves as adventurous , confident and fun. The fun infogra wine drinkers consider themselves to be social creatures, enjoying wine with friends (75 percent), at parties (77 percent) and '?? more intimately '?? out on dates (72 percent). Younger wine drinkers (ages 21-39) agree with this notion, with nearly half (49 percent) reporting that flirting is more fun with a glass of wine. In fact, when it comes to romance more than half of wine drinkers report enjoying wine when feeling '??in the mood,'? while two thirds go as far to say they like a glass either before or after being intimate. And furthermore, 34 percent of wine drinkers agree that '??everything is better undressed'? '?? a statement that Simply Naked, as an unoaked wine brand, definitely supports.


For Valentine's Day, you can opt for their collection of seven varietals (all of which are only $9.99): Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and most recently the Undressed Red, Moscato and Sauvignon Blanc that is bursting with flavor. I had a chance to test out the Undressed Red, and I really loved the combination of red raspberry, plum and cherry fruit notes that wasn't harsh. I also loved how easy they are to drink as well as how they go great with food.

The reason why their wines are bursting with flavor is due to the fact that they are aged in 100 percent stainless steel rather than oak barrels without the influence of oak. that feature a fresh and straight-forward flavor that really lets the grape varietals shine. The wines also rely on the premium quality of its fruit, so the brand'??s nature is to flaunt its confidence with a fruit-forward, vibrant style.

sCorrespondingly, the survey results show that wine drinkers are a match for this signature confidence to go unoaked: 54 percent of wine drinkers describe themselves as confident, with 49 and 40 percent identifying as outgoing and adventurous, respectively. In fact, 40 percent of this wine-loving and vivacious group has done three or more adventurous activities in the past year like traveling alone abroad, getting a radical new haircut or strutting their stuff in a bikini, with more than half entertaining the idea in the near future.

This Valentine's Day, or really any day, enjoy the pure, simple and flavorful glass of Simply Naked.

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