Rainbow Pizza Recipe


It's National Pizza Day and we're celebrating with one of my favorite ways to sneak veggies into my kids' diets...rainbow pizza! If there is anything I can always count on my kids eating without complaint, it's pizza. In fact, I think they would eat it every single day if I let them. Obviously, I insist on serving them a bit more variety, haha, but I don't mind letting them have their favorite food from time to time, especially when it's veggie heavy.


You see my little cherubs are pretty picky these days, so convincing them to eat their veggies is no easy feat. But it's hard to turn down said veggies down when they're served on top of a slice of pizza. Add a rainbow into the mix and we're golden. That's why I love peppers so much. They come in an array of beautiful hues and are the perfect toppper for a rainbow pizza. All I do is slice up several colors, in this case red, orange, yellow and green, and arrange them in stripes on top of the pizza once I've added sauce and cheese. It's as simple as that! In our house, we add a protein like Italian sausage, but you can totally go meatless if you so desire.

rainbow pizza recipe

When it comes to crust, you can go the pre-made route or you can do what I do and go to your local grocery store and pick up some of their ready-made dough. It tastes a bit more like you made the pie from scratch, without taking a lot more time out of your day. I'm all about time saving measures. Us busy mamas need as many easy kitchen hacks we can get...Am I right?

So, how do you sneak veggies into your kids' diets? Inquiring minds want to know! And for more pizza inspiration, check out our gluten free pizza recipe!

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