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Although my household has decidedly carnivore tastes, I was quite excited to sample some of the vegetarian grilling options from Quorn. With two young kids, I do enjoy a variety when we are grilling, as well as having options on hand for vegetarian friends.

Quorn Cheeseburger

Quorn products feature mycoproteins, from the same family as mushrooms and truffles, and is available in a variety of product including classic "burgers", cheese "burgers" and chick'n patties.

My two taste testers, ages 8 and 5, were on hand to give them a try. In a move of mommy-wisdom, I decided that "We have new burgers and chicken sandwiches to try" was a better option than "Hey, want a veggie burger?" They're good eaters, but veggie burgers do not always invoke great enthusiasm from my two.

Quorn Chicken Patties

We grilled our burgers, set up the buns and cut them into to taste testing bites. All three burgers were favorably received by the kids, with my daughter loving the "chicken" burger and my son's favorite being the "cheeseburger". As expected, they both thought the plain burger tasted fine, but needed cheese on top. In our world, everything is better with cheese.

I also tried all three, the Quorn products have both a good flavor and texture, something I find hard to discover in vegetarian "meat" options. Over the years, I've tried hard to find a veggie burger with a better (closer to meat) texture and the Quorn burgers are one of the closest I've found.

Quorn products are available at your local grocery in, typically in the vegetarian or organic section.

Shannon is a Canadian mom to her two little Texans, who have decidedly foodie tastes. Besides MomTrends, she writes "BentoLunch.net - What's for Lunch at Our House", her own blog detailing the adventures of feeding her children. No compensation was received for this post; we did receive sample product to taste test!

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