Red Carpet Party: Popcorn and Prosecco


It’s time to roll out the red….

As badly as we’d love to spend the night amongst the stars in Hollywood showing off our hot dresses on the red carpet, the reality is…we’re watching it all happen on TV. So we created a festive table and hung tissue decorations which can be found in our Little Miss Party in a Box and will be inviting friends over to watch the big show.

So, this year we’re hosting a popcorn & Prosecco viewing party with our friends. Come decked out in your jammies and ready to watch.

We broke out our pretty cake stands from Fish's Eddy and created a popcorn bar with fresh popped corn served in white popcorn boxes that we decorated with gold stars.

We set out a few toppers to make things interesting – rosemary mixed with shredded parm and sun dried tomatoes mixed with fresh thyme. Let your guests help themselves to the toppings of their choice.

To drink we served Prosecco mixed with pomegranate juice, our favorite mixer in the winter.

And to cap off the night, just in time for the big awards, we served star shaped sugar cookies with an edible gold glitter dusting, that you can find at NY Cake, made by our friend, Clarelicious.

Now, of course, don’t forget the ballots and pencils! Ask your guests to fill one out when they arrive and then trade ballots to score for each other throughout the show. Everyone can throw a few bucks into a jar to make it interesting or you can just play for fun!

Now if only we could find the time to watch all of these movies…right?! Have fun!


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