Pit Stop: Le Pain Quotidien


City moms need good places to grab a bite, refuel on caffeine and catch up with pals. AND we need to do this with kids (plus strollers) in tow. Finding a good nosh in a kid-friendly setting will be an ongoing quest for Momtrendsnyc.

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A favorite spot is Le Pain Quiotidien. I know it is a chain, thus breaking with the indie spirit, but a mom's got to eat. Plus, they are headquartered in NYC so they kind of qualify. My two regular haunts include the one on W.Broadway in Tribeca and the one on Grand in SoHo.

There are plenty of fresh items on the menu and a bakery full of sinful treats. The best part? They don't seem to mind a little tot-inspired mess and they welcome friends lingering over a meal. Don't we all need a place like this in our busy Big Apple? Feel free to wheel your baby buggy right up to the hardwood tables. Dining solo (lucky duck)? Join the communal table for grown-up talk.

Oh and what does that bit of French mean? Everyday bread.

100 Grand St.

81 W. Broadway

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