It's a Party: Father's Day Lunch


We love our dads. They are our comedians, our support systems, our chauffeurs, our lifelines... And we want that oh so special fella in our life to relish in the attention we shower him with this year on Father's Day. To make him feel extra special, first we want to set the mood with some fun DIY decorations.

We found these blank wooden letters that spell out D-A-D. Then we grabbed some paint pens (made for decorating wood) an with a few simple lines, we turned them into chic, save-worthy, decor which dad can put on his desk or shelf later. I bet he'll smile every time he looks at it!

father's day lunch blt diy
father's day ideas
father's day diy

Next we used some blank canvas banners (left over from another Father's Day craft) to make a special sign letting dad know just how much we care. Hearing, or in this case seeing, I love you never gets old.

father's day decorations diy

And because we know Father's Day isn't just about the mushy stuff, we made a delicious BLT sandwich and added beef jerky, walnuts, and beer to the menu. Food is definitely the way to my dad's heart. Haha! And isn't this furniture fantastic? Remember it from that IKEA patio makeover we did? Now we feel confidant having celebrations like this one outdoors in our fabulous revamped space.

father's day lunch ideas

Now we know you've got some toy cars lying around the house. Adding them to the table creates a little bit of whimsy and celebrates dad's playful side. They can even house portions of the snacks! Is this a fun tablescape or what?

beef jerky dad father's day
father's day lunch table ideas ikea
father's day lunch ideas ikea diy

We hope you like these ideas and get inspired to treat your dad to a delicious Father's Day lunch too!

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