Our Favorite Wine Drinks


Today is National Drink Wine Day, so we obviously had to share our favorite wine drinks. Not only do we love vino on its own, we also love it when it's part of a tasty cocktail! And that's probably pretty obvious if you go back and look through our drink archives. Haha! You'll definitely find some wine infused goodness...And we obviously keep the same kind of company because a couple of our favorite influencer friends have posted their fair share of wine drinks too!


First up we have our Winter Sangria. Sangria isn't just a hot summer day kinda drink people. It will warm you up quite nicely on a cold winter day too! Just sayin'.


Did you know you can add wine to hot chocolate? Well you can...In fact, Red Wine Hot Chocolate is our new winter jam! The flavors go together in the most delicious manner.


I'm a big fan of spritzers in general, simply because I'm a big fan of bubbles. Haha! So, this Blueberry Wine Spritzer was right up my alley! It's such a sweet way to perk up your day.

white sangria

Ok, I couldn't help myself. I had to share another sangria recipe. Because as much as I love red sangria, I love a nice batch of White Sangria just as much! It's so fresh and fruity!


And we can't leave out sparkling wine! I love a nice Prosecco...and what better way to enjoy a glass than as part of a mimosa? A mimosa bar with a bevy of fresh juices is just the ticket for you fellow sparkling wine fans!

So, how are you celebrating National Drink Wine Day lovelies? I just have one thing left to say...Cheers!

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